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    Raiffeisen published the CEE Banking Sector Report 2019

    • Raiffeisen analysts see CEE banking sector close to record profitability, double-digit return on equity in Central Europe (CE), Southeastern Europe (SEE) and Eastern Europe (EE)
    • Czech Republic and Kosovo by far the most profitable markets, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine most interesting turn-around markets
    • CE/SEE banking sector profit pool at EUR 13-14 billion, over EUR 30 billion in total CEE region in 2018
    • CEE NPL ratio single-digit, in CE-3 (CZ, HU, SK) NPL ratio at low 3.3 per cent, in SEE 7 per cent and in EE 9.3 per cent
    • Increasing differentiation in regional strategies of major cross-border banks, but Czech Republic and Romania plus partly Russia among core markets of major CEE banking groups
    • Russian banking market benefits from consolidation, double-digit return on equity again, deep-rooted foreign banks with stable businesses in Russia
    • Market share of Austrian CEE banks close to record levels again
    • Growth potential highest in SEE, CE growth to weaken somewhat, especially retail growth, also due to regulatory constraints
    • Raiffeisen analysts raise growth expectations for Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine; solid growth for Serbia, Croatia, and Russia; credit growth in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria expected to slow slightly

    You can find Raiffeisen RESEARCH's CEE Banking Sector Report on the research portal (Please note that – in order to fulfil the legal and regulatory requirements – you must register to access the portal to access the report. You will find filling instructions attached).

    A video interview with the author, summarizing the key messages of the CEE Banking Sector Report, can be accessed on our blog "Discover CEE".


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