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    All KBC Bank branches are now re-branded


    By virtue of the agreement for acquiring the Bulgarian companies of Raiffeisenbank International (RBI) by the Belgian financial group KBC the insignia at all their offices had to be replaced with the new KBC Bank brand within 10 business days of deal closing. The team that worked on the re-branding of KBC Bank has even managed to finish ahead of this deadline and finalized the change of the bank’s name and logo at all its 115 branches throughout the country 2 days earlier.

    The corporate website of the newly acquired bank is now, the mobile banking app is now called KBC Mobile Bulgaria, while the online banking functionality – KBC Online Bulgaria. They retain their functionalities and there is no need for clients to initiate any additional actions, in order to continue using those functionalities as until now.

    All debit and credit cards of KBC Bank, issued after 10 August, will also have a new design.

    The process of KBC Bank re-branding also includes changes in the design of the websites of the bank and of its subsidiary companies, their profiles in the social media, the ATMs and POS terminals, series of client and internal systems and documents. The re-branding of POS terminals and ATMs outside branches is underway and will be finalized within the next six months. The same period applies to all systems and documents.

    The Chief Executive Officer of KBC Bank Bulgaria and of UBB – Peter Roebben – paid a personal visit to part of the branches in Sofia, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. His visit was a sort of an official opening of the re-branded offices of KBC Bank and he was greeted cordially by employees and clients. He commented on the occasion the following: "The re-branding of KBC Bank within such short deadlines was a challenging task for us. Within a couple of days, the new bank had to change its look and I believe that the project’s success is due to the excellent organization and the personal motivation of every single member of the team. This success leverages on their 4-month efforts, given that the preparation started as early as at the beginning of 2022".


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