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    Free “SMS/e-mail notification on credit cards” for MasterCard Business cardholders


    Dear clients,

    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria is pleased to inform you that from 10.10.2011 on clients and cardholders of MasterCard Business will have the chance to use the service “SMS/e-mail notification on credit cards” free of charge.

    Come in your serviced office in order to apply for the service thanks to which you will be able to receive an SMS and/or an e-mail only a few minutes after the card transaction is processed:

    • for each completed transaction / on-line authorization on ATM / POS;
    • for cash deposits / transfers made by the client;
    • for the amounts due by the client, the minimum repayment and the maturity date.

    Your benefits from the service are that you will have all the time information about:

    • your card balance;
    • where and how much money is drawn from each card you have and what is the balance afterwards;
    • when the money deposited on your card could be used for making transactions;
    • what transactions are made with the card – this gives you an opportunity to react in case of an unauthorized use.

    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria informs you that certain changes in the Frame Contract about the issuance and the use of the international credit card MasterCard Business are made. You could be informed about those changes through the web site of the bank ( or by visiting any of the offices of RBBG.

    The changes in the Frame Contract come into force from 10.10.2011 and consist of the following:

    • Section 16 Tariff
    • The monthly fee for the first card / each subsequent card is changed from 5.80 / 3.80 BGN to 6.30 / 4.30 BGN
    • The change in the PIN Code – free of charge.

    Article 30 is edited:

    When the client does not pay the minimum repayment by the time specified in article 28, the Bank starts accruing penalty interest according to the Bank’s Tariff on the balance exposition as of the end of the current period from the end of the period to the end of the next period or till the full repayment of the amount due by the client. A credit note which is not received is not a reason for the client not to pay on time the minimum sinking payment.

    We kindly ask you to come in one of our offices, whenever you can, in order to resign the Frame Contract about the issuance and the use of the international credit card MasterCard Business or to inform us in a written form if you want to terminate the contract in case you think the changes are not acceptable. If you do not resign the Contract or do not inform us about its termination, the changes will be considered to have come into force for you.

    Best regards,
    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria

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