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    New features on debit card accounts


    Dear customers,

    We gladly inform you, that since 04.04.2011 all customers – private individuals and companies with debit cards issued by Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD could use their debit card accounts as current accounts.

    What could you do with a debit card account?

    - You could receive domestic and international money transfers and use the amount available immediately – though your debit card or at every ATM or POS terminal in Bulgaria and abroad.

    - You could order non-cash money transfers from your account in every office of the bank or via Raiffeisen Online.

    - You could register for Raiffeisen Online and manage your funds – track the funds available and the transactions conducted, order money transfers, open deposits and deposit additional funds to them from your account.

    Until the end of May 2011 all existing and new customers of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD – private individuals and companies, could use the new features of their accounts free of charge.

    From June 2011 the monthly maintenance fee for Current account with debit card for private individuals will be 1 BGN. For this purpose as from 01.06.2011 a new Tariff for private individuals enters into force. You could find the new Tariff here. All customers that have two separate accounts – debit card and current account, and do not have a loan to be serviced from the current account, could close the latter free of charge until 01.06.2011.

    With regard to this are introduced changes in the following documents, which will be in force for all present (as of 01.04.2011) private individual customers from 01.06.2011:

    “General conditions for providing payment services to private individuals”

    “General conditions for using Raiffaisen Online”

    "Framework contract for opening and maintenance of bank account and providing banking services to individuals” will be canceled and superseded by the following documents:

    “Request – Contract for issuing debit card and providing bank services to private individuals”;

    “Request – Contract for opening and maintenance of a bank account and providing bank services to private individuals”.

    Thank you for using the services of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD!

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