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    Changes in Fees and commissions tariff for Individual clients, in force from 15.03.2019


    Dear clients,

    Herewith we would like to inform you for upcoming changes in Fees and commissions tariff of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD for Individual clients, which will be available at any branch of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD as well as on the Bank’s website -

    We present you some of the upcoming changes to the Fees and commissions tariff of Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD for Individual clients:

    Chapter I. SERVICES IN LOCAL AND FOREIGN CURRENCY, art.4. Payments in Foreign currency, art.4.2. Outgoing payments to beneficiaries at other banksIn force from
    Introducing a new billing threshold art. 4.2.4. Additional fee for the ordering party for payments with commission option OUR (art. 3.2.4., Chapter Two: Services in Foreign Currency, from the current Tariff) For amounts up to EUR 5,000 (or equivalent in another currency) EUR 10 15.03.2019
    For amounts from EUR 5,000.01 to EUR 10,000 (or equivalent in another currency) EUR 20
    For amounts from EUR 10,000.01 to EUR 25,000 (or equivalent in another currency) EUR 30
     For amounts above EUR 25,000.01 (or equivalent in another currency) EUR 50
    Chapter I. SERVICES IN LOCAL AND FOREIGN CURRENCY, art.3 Payments in local currency /BGN/, art. 3.9. Utility PaymentsIn force from
    reduction of the fee under art. 3.9.1. Single payment (art. 5.1., Chapter One: Services in local currency, from the current Tariff) BGN 0.20 per payment 15.03.2019
    Chapter II. CARDS, art.3. Terminal device servicesIn force from
    change in the commission under art. 3.1. POS withdrawal at desk of RBBG with Visa/ Mastercard cards,issued by other banks issued in the country and abroad (art. 7.2., Chapter Three: Bank Cards Services, from the current Tariff) 3.5%, min. BGN 10 15.03.2019

    The new tariff comes into force from 15.03.2019 for all new and existing clients of the bank.

    Current clients using some of the payment services/products which are affected from the stated changes are entitled prior to 15.03.2019 to inform in written form Raiffiesenbank (Bulgaria) EAD at any Bank’s branch for their disagreement with the changes and to terminate their contracts for the payment services/products without having to pay any expenses and/or compensation commissions in reference to the termination.

    For further information about the changes please refer to the Bank’s website or contact the employees at Raiffeisenbank’s branches and on the phone numbers of Call Center:

    • 0700 10 000 (Vivacom) – at the price of a city call
    • 17 21 (A1 and Telenor) – with no increase of the fee

    Sincerely yours,
    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

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