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    Changes in General business terms


    Dear Customers,

    We would like to inform you that new General business terms come into force as of 16.09.2021. The changes are related to:

    • The Client is obliged to provide all necessary documents for proper identification before entering in the business relationship with the bank and at any other time during this relations;
    • The Client must inform the bank, no later than 6 (six) months, of the issuance of a new identity document;
    • The Client to order operations that are not prohibited by law or to persons and parties to whom restrictive sanctions or prohibitions have been imposed;
    • The bank and the Client undertake to conduct their business relations in a way that does not allow violation of the applicable legislation;
    • The bank has the right to reject transactions, which may result in a penalty for the bank or terminate all concluded contracts, as well as to close all accounts of the Client if he becomes subject to a sanctions regime or owns/holds assets that constitute sanctioned property;

    For further information about the changes please contact the employees at Raiffeisenbank offices and on the phone numbers of Contact centre of the bank:

    • 0700 10 000 (Vivacom) at the price of a city call
    • 17 21 (A1 and Telenor) with no increase of the fee

    Confirming our willingness for mutually beneficial cooperation, we remain

    Sincerely yours,

    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

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