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    Upcoming end of Internet Explorer browser support for KBC Online Bulgaria use


    Dear customers,

    We would like to inform you, that from 23.08.2022 access to KBC Online Bulgaria will be not possible with web browser Internet Explorer. The reason behind this is the end of the support cycle of this browser announced by its developers.

    The end of the support cycle of the browser means that there will not be new software updates released, which can correct newly discovered bugs or security holes. This fact alone has potential to lower the security level for the users of the browser. For KBC Online Bulgaria the high level of security is with utmost importance and for that reason we do not recommend using the online banking with browser which is not compliant with the modern security requirements.

    For using KBC Online Bulgaria you should use modern browser, which is actively supported by its developers. Such browsers currently are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

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    Welcome to our website.