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    Social Responsibility

    Corporate resilience and responsibility over recent years is not a goal per se, nor just a fancy trend - it is a way of doing business. It is only by embedding resilience as an integral constituent of our common corporate strategy that we could trigger positive difference. The world is ever changing, hence in order to truly position ourselves as a factor in social life and respond to new needs, expectations and desires of all our stakeholders we should act in a purpose-driven manner, while caring for and attending to society.

    Our corporate resilience and responsibility strategy

    Resilience for us is not just part of a standalone strategy, but it is interwoven in our corporate vision, hence it is embedded in its four pillars and in our daily commercial activities. To us it means that we are capable of meeting the expectations of all stakeholders, not only today, but with an outlook to the future. It is exactly with such ambition that KBC Group companies aim their efforts at:

    • Enhancement of our positive influence on society
    • Mitigating our negative imprint on society
    • Encouraging responsible behaviour among employees

    While staying focused on these three big targets we believe in achieving larger efficiency in our operations and will contribute to making socially responsible ambitions come true.

    We bring into the spotlight those aspects of our activity, which express our understanding for our role in society and validate our efforts to be the reference in any business line of ours.

    Priority domains for support

    Promoting entrepreneurship

    Тhe KBC Group companies deem promoting entrepreneurship their mission, as we believe it is the true driver of growth and of economies’ forward motion.

    Financial literacy

    For our group it is a topic of paramount importance. Being experts in the financial and insurance fields we attempt at raising the public awareness of financial education issues by realizing various initiatives, targeted at different social groups.


    Part of the corporate social responsibility policy of KBC Group Bulgaria is to promote healthy lifestyle initiatives.


    The KBC Group companies in Bulgaria initiate and implement measures for reducing carbon dioxide emissions that are being generated from their operations on a daily basis, as well as report on a regular basis their progress on already launched previous initiative.


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