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    Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD is one of the leading universal banks in the country, offering bank services in all customer segments.

    Ratings by the international agency Fitch

    Ratings: Fitch Ratings
    Long term: BBB / Outlook Negative
    Short term: F2 

    Profile of the Bank

    Raiffeisenbank is well integrated in the local financial and banking infrastructure. The Bank is:

    • Member of BISERA - Banking Integrated System for Electronic Transfers
    • Member of BORICA (Bulgarian National Card Operator)
    • Member of the international payment system S.W.I.F.T.
    • Member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange
    • Member of the Bulgarian Central Depository
    • Licensed by the BNB as primary and secondary dealer of government securities
    • Licensed as an investment intermediary by the Securities and Exchange Commission

    As part of an international banking group, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD uses a wide network of correspondent banks which gives the Bank fast and efficient access to global financial markets (USA, Western Europe, Asia).

    Accounts and payments

    • Fixed term deposits

      Fixed term deposits in levs and foreign currency under competitive interest rate conditions

    • Cash operations

      Cash operations, including cash collection services

    • Cashless payments

      Cashless payments in local and foreign currency.

    • Payments with cheques

    • Electronic banking services

      Electronic banking services with versions in Bulgarian and in English

    • Opening and maintaining

      Opening and maintaining payment and special accounts

    Documentary operations

    Documentary operations (letters of credit, bank guarantees, cash collection)

    Operations with securities

    • Purchase and sale

      Purchase and sale of currency at competitive rates

    • Operations

      Operations with securities in Bulgaria and abroad

    • Documentary operations

    • New products

      New products for the Bulgarian market as currency transactions for exchange risk insurance: forward contracts, options, trading with different types of securities on the stock exchanges in Western Europe and others.

    Corporate banking

    Financing tailored to the client’s needs and negotiation of the conditions according to the specific transaction

    Retail Banking

    • Cards and payments

    • Overdraft

    • Automatic payment

      Automatic payment of current phone, electricity and heating bills, Internet banking and many other services

    • MoneyGram

      International express money transfers

    • Housing Loan

    • Microcredits

    Correspondent relations

    • Transfers

      Transfers in BGN and foreign currency through Raiffeisenbank accounts in leading European and American banks

    • Loro accounts

      Maintenance of loro accounts in BGN and foreign currency — Raiffeisenbank offers banks special conditions depending on their individual needs and requirements.

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