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    Vision and Mission


    Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria EAD is one of the leading banks in all target customer segments in terms of customer experience, innovation and efficiency.


    • We seek long-term customer relationships, and are a friendly, reliable and constructive partner for our customers.
    • We are proactive, innovative and quick in delivering top quality products and services.
    • We communicate openly and transparently with our customers, partners and employees.
    • We are an efficient and lean organization. We deploy synergies within the bank and with all our subsidiaries.
    • We apply prudent risk management as a key pillar throughout our organization and processes.
    • We adhere to the highest corporate culture and standards, and commit to corporate social responsibility.
    • We empower our employees to be entrepreneurial, and we foster their development. We are the employer of first choice, and we put special focus on team spirit as well as on promoting key staff and best talent.
    • We, as part of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group and the Raiffeisen brand, contribute to the achievement of the overall Group objectives, and generate sustainable and above-average return on equity.

    Welcome to our website.

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    Welcome to our website.