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    Learn everything about our company: Raiffeisen Asset Management , Raiffeisen Leasing and Raiffeisen Insurance Broker.

    Raiffeisen Asset Management

    Raiffeisen Asset Management is the first asset management company on the Bulgarian market to simultaneously distribute local and foreign funds.

    The association works in tight co-operation with the Austrian company Raiffeisen Capital Management and in correspondence with its high professional standards.

    Raiffeisen Leasing

    Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria is a limited liability company. The main activities of the company include financial and operational leasing, as well as other services associated with management and leasing of movable assets and real estate.

    Raiffeisen Insurance Broker

    The company acts as an intermediary in the conclusion of insurance contracts between the client and the insurance companies. It offers easy solutions for the insurance of property and non-property interests. It analyses the insurance market and recommends appropriate insurance products, according the individual needs of every customer.

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