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    Why in Raiffeisenbank

    The work in Raiffeisenbank is very diverse and you can expect a different journey here:

    • Dynamic in the tasks and responsibilities.

    • Mentor to guide you in your first steps in the bank.

    • Team, whom you can trust.

    • Manager who will always be available for you.

    • Friendly atmosphere which makes you forgеt that you are at work.

    If you are looking for new challenges in your personal development in a stable and reliable company, listen to the stories of our interns from first person and start your journey with us.

    Start your career with us

    Kristina Yordanova

    "What I liked most about my internship, besides the fact that it was diverse, dynamic and interesting, was that there wasn’t any concrete differentiation between the employees based on their experience."

    What does the internship with us look like

    • You can choose between 3 or 6-months internship with us – on a labour contract, 8-hours a day.

    • Within this period, you will be able to dip into the atmosphere and the working dynamics of a chosen team and to transfer your university knowledge into practice.

    • At the end of your internship, you will be given a certificate, issued by the bank, saying that you have ended the internship programme.

    • The programme is open for all students after their second year at the university.


    Contact us via Viber if you need any assistance in the recruitment process. Our team RaiRecruitment will guide you and answer your questions. In ordet to contact us via Viber, it is necessary that you install the application on your device.

    We look forward to you from 9 am - 5 pm from Monday to Friday.


    Recruitment specialist

    Talent searcher, food & shopping lover and supports volunteering initiatives.

    Viber Write to Desi


    Recruitment specialist

    Looking for motivated and talented candidates, tea lover and adventure enthusiast.

    Viber Write to Marina


    Recruitment Business Partner

    Looking for passionate candidates. Adores being close to nature. Book lover.

    Viber Write to Tsveti


    How to apply

    Here you can find more information how to apply for a position in Raiffeisenbank, which are the requested documents and where you will have to send them.

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    Welcome to our website.