Call Center Raiffeisen Direct

The information center Raiffeisen Direct is an alternative channel for client servicing, launched with the aim to facilitate both existing and potential customers in their day-to-day communication with the Bank.

You may dial the call center Raiffeisen Direct number in order to:

  • Receive a detailed information about all products for private individuals
  • Learn more about actual offers and promotions
  • Understand more about loan approval process and bank basic requirements and criteria one should measure up in order to apply for a credit product
  • Check the current processing status of an application form for a loan or a credit card submitted in our branches, at merchants or via Internet
  • Obtain the whereabouts of the nearest Raiffesienbank branch and contact details of our credit specialist there
  • Arrange an appointment with a mobile banker who can visit you wherever and whenever it is convenient for you

If you already are Raiffesienbank customer

By calling Raiffeisen Direct you may receive assistance and advice about products you already use, for example:

  • To ask about your credit card monthly statement details – total outstanding balance and due minimal monthly payment
  • To inform for a stolen or lost card
  • To block your bank card
  • To inform for a problem with a card transaction on ATM or POS terminal
  • To get information for taxes, interest rates an commission fees according to the current bank tariff
  • To check the maturity date of your consumer/mortgage loan or deposit account
  • To be transferred to another department or specialist if your enquiry demand another level of expertise
  • To submit a recommendation and opinion of any kind from a our products, officers or branches
  • Others

The Information center works also on a Loyalty programmes and campaigns, which are aimed at current customers of Raiffeisenbank.

On the call center telephone numbers you can reach also:

  • Automated Information System
  • IT Help Desk – information about Internet banking – Raiffeisen ONLINE
  • 7/24 Card Authorisation Center
  • Raiffeisen Real Estate Agency

Raiffeisen Direct telephone numbers: 0700 10 000 (Vivacom) и 17 21 (Mtel and Telenor)

  • 0700 10 000 for Vivacom subscribers (at a price of local call for people calling from all around the country - the difference between long-distance and local call is covered by Raiffesienbank).
  • 17 21 for subscribers of mobile operators (at a price of internal call/within the same network – MTel-Mtel or Telenor-Telenor depending on customer individual plan).

The Call Center working hours

  • 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on working days
  • 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays

Customers calling outside this time span can:

  • Leave a brief message on Call Center Voice Mail and expect our call-back on the next working day
  • Submit a written enquiry on e-mail: 


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