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Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000


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Viktor Spasov, Head of Factoring Department


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Financial Institutions/ Sovereigns Department


Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000


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Currency market and market risk management

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    This guarantee instrument is structured and implemented within the Operational Programme Innovation and Competitiveness 2014 — 2020 co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund. The purpose of the Programme is to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19.


    • No additional collateral requirement.

    • Competitive pricing terms.

    • Increased opportunities for financing.

    • Eased administrative requirements.


    Credit parameters

    The maximum transaction amount is up to 70% of the company’s annual turnover for 2019 or 2020 (depending which is larger) but not more than:

    Up to 5 years – 1 500 000 EUR / 3 000 000 BGN (or 937 500 EUR for freight transport companies);
    Up to 7 years – 937 500 EUR (or 468 750 EUR for freight transport companies)

    Provided that the granted De minimis amount from the current and the previous 2 calendar years, including the De minimis from the current transaction and interest subsidy (if applicable) do not cumulatively exceed 200 000 EUR (up to 100 000 EUR for companies operating in road freight transport).

    Currency BGN, EUR
    Products guaranteed by Recovery Programme

    New loans provided for:

    • Working capital loans (Term loans for working capital needs, Revolving loans and Overdraft limits).
    • Amortizing loans with up to 12 months grace period for repayment of the principal.
    • Investment limits with up to 12 months grace period for repayment of the principal.
    Guarantee coverage 80 %
    • Minimum maturity – 12 months.
    • Maximum maturity: Working capital loans – up to 60 months, Investment loans - up to 84 months.
    The Final Recipients must comply with the requirements of Recovery Programme and the requirements of the Bank’s Credit Policy.
    Inclusion period  30.06.2022


    Application procedure

    Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (with up to 249 employees) registered and operating on the territory of Bulgaria which comply with at least one of the following criteria:

    • Merchant by the meaning of the Bulgarian Commercial Law with registered office in Bulgaria.
    • Are not an "undertaking in difficulty" as of 31.12.2019 within the meaning of p. 20 and 24 from the Guidelines on State aid for rescuing and restructuring non-financial undertakings in difficulty (OJ C 249, 31.7.2014).
    • The Final Recipient is not subject to collective insolvency proceedings.
    • With at least three completed financial statements, with reported sales revenues, as well as accounting profit for at least one of the last three years.
    • The enterprise has no tax-insurance liabilities under Article 87 of the TPSC, as of the date of the Loan Agreement.
    • The Final Recipient shall not have a substantial focus on one or more restricted Sectors set in First Loss Portfolio Guarantee COVID-19 Agreement.

    Restricted Activities:

    • Any production, trade or other activity, which is illegal under the laws or regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria.
    • Financing of transactions supported by the national budget or the EU budget.
    • Acquisition of trucks, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles by companies performing road freight transport.
    • Financing the purchase of land not built on and land built on when the amount of the respective expense exceeds 10% of the principal of the Loan.
    • Financing of transactions in the sectors, forbidden as per Commission Regulation (EC)1407/2013.

    Additional advantages

    • Long – term experience with European and National guarantee programs.

    • Cooperation and support

      Highly-qualified experts with experience in the field of corporate lending and financial services.


    Corporate Banking Department

    Address: Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000
    Phone: (+359 2) 91 985 101
    Fax: (+359 2) 91 985 140

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