Raiffeisenbank offers the possibility of an access to your personal and business accounts in Raiffeisebank (Bulgaria) EAD through the electronic banking products, based on the latest achievements in high technologies for data protection.

Raiffeisen ONLINE

You are able to access your accounts and make payments online anytime and anywhere without need to visit a bank branch. You can reduce your monthly expenses on banking transactions! Apply for free of charge registration for Raiffeisen ONLINE – now with a mobile application for your phone or tablet.


Automated Information System which provides information by Phone or Fax for current exchange rates, interest rates, balance and movements on your accounts.

ELBA International

ELBA International is an electronic banking product which provides a secure alternative of traditional banking.

Electronic statements

Raiffeisen E-statements is an electronic service which allows you to print and save account statements, outgoing payment orders, loan statements. 


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