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0700 10 000 (Vivacom)

17 21 (A1 and Yettel)

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0700 10 000 calls for Vivacom subscribers are at the price of local call for people calling from all around the country - the difference between long-distance and local call is covered by Raiffesienbank.
17 21 calls for subscribers of mobile operators A1 and Telenor are at the price of internal call/within the same network – A1-A1 or Yettel-Yettel depending on customer individual plan.



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    Frequently asked questions about Raiffeisen ONLINE

    Registration and access

    What levels of access can I set?

    You can set active or passive rights. If you want to have access to all RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE features, select active rights. If you don’t want it to be possible to use online banking to perform bank transactions or manage your products, select passive rights.

    What is the difference between active and passive banking?

    With passive rights, you receive access to information on the products you use, but you can’t perform any bank transactions relating to them. With passive rights, you:

    • Receive up-to-date information on your accounts – funds available in current and card accounts, statements, information on transfers received or initiated by you
    • Monitor your loans – information, including grant date, loan payments and principal remaining
    • Receive information on the amounts in your deposits
    • Receive news on promotions and new products.

    With active rights, in addition to access to up-to-date information, you can:

    • Make BGN and foreign currency transfers within the country and abroad, as well as exchange money
    • Submit electronic applications for bank products and services
    • Manage your deposits – open and close term deposits
    • Place electronic orders for units in the mutual funds of Raiffeisen Asset Management

    How do I sign up for the RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE service?

    To sign up for RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE, you have to visit a bank office that is convenient for you and receive a PIN envelope with a username and password for access to the platform or register yourself via RaiMobile mobile app or Raiffeisen ONLINE (

    How do I access the RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE service?

    You have to enter the username and password provided to you by the bank in a sealed PIN envelope. On your first login, the system will ask you to change your password.

    We recommend you regularly change your password for security purposes by selecting Your name (at the upper right corner) -> Change password from the main menu in the internet banking.

    You can also change your username by selecting Your name (at the upper right corner) -> Change username from the main menu.

    What browser should I use for Raiffeisen ONLINE?

    You can use any browser, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc., both for passive banking (information on balances and activity in accounts, deposits, loans, bank cards) and for active banking (signing payment orders).

    What should I do if I forget my username and/or password?

    When entering the username/password, make sure you follow the requirements for digits and small/capital letters in the Latin alphabet. The system allows unlimited login attempts, but after the third wrong attempt, it will ask you to enter an additional control code which will be displayed on the screen.

    If you remember your user name, you can use the Forgotten password in RaiMobile.

    If you can’t remember your username and password, you can only get a new PIN envelope by going into a bank office in person.

    How can I perform active transactions (transfers) through RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE?

    To perform transfers through RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE, you need to have indicated during the service registration process that you want to have active transaction rights. In active transactions, payment orders are signed (confirmed) using a code generated by a token device or sent to your phone as an SMS.

    Individuals registered with RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE can transfer money between their own accounts, regardless of the amount, without an SMS or Token authentication code.


    How can I view my account statements?

    The cards and accounts statements can be downloaded only from the internet banking - Raiffeisen ONLINE.

    From the Accounts -> Statements menu, you have access to the statements of your current accounts (with or without debit cards) in print format (PDF) and electronic processing format (MT940).

    From the Cards -> Statements menu, you have access to your credit card statements in print format (PDF).

    You need to select an account and set a search period. After the system displays the results, you can download and save the statements on your computer.

    How do I check whether my payment orders have been successfully signed and sent?

    Select the Transfers -> Pending menu. If you see the order in a table with a list of payments, that means it has not been sent to the bank for execution, i.e. it’s waiting for you to sign and/or send it.

    If you see the payment order in the Transfers -> Archive menu and its status is Accepted for Processing (and it has an additional status), that means you have successfully signed and sent it to the bank system for execution.

    What do I need to make bill payments?

    If you want to pay bills through RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE, you need to be a Raiffeisenbank account holder and to have rights for online banking for this account. It must be in BGN or Euro.

    Why can’t I see my deposits or loans in RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE?

    Because when you signed up to RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE in a bank office, you did not expressly state in the form that you want to have deposit and loan rights.

    If you want to register for them, you can do so at any bank office. Raiffeisen ONLINE offers individuals who have active rights the option of registering online from the Forms menu.

    How can I open or close a deposit in Raiffeisen ONLINE?

    It is necessary to have registration for active operations with deposits.

    You must also have a method of additional authentication (token or SMS code) and a current account in the deposit currency.

    Deposits can be opened from the Deposits/Deposit opening menu. After the request is created, you have to sign with SMS code or token and send it. If you fill-in form and save it without signing it will besaved in the Deposits -> Pending requests. In the Deposits/Archive menu, you can monitor whether the request has been successfully sent for processing and what its status is.

    Do I need a qualified electronic signature (QEP) to do active banking?

    Only legal entities who want to use the option of submitting an online application for a bank guarantee or letter of credit need a QEP.

    In all other cases, to perform active transactions through Raimobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE – initiate transfers, send requests, open/close deposits – you have to choose between the two authentication methods offered by the bank: token device or SMS code.

    SMS confirmation

    What is an SMS confirmation code?

    SMS - confirmation code is an additional online payment protection method. This single-use code is valid for a limited time and is sent by Raiffeisenbank to a mobile phone as a text message.

    Who is the service aimed at?

    SMS confirmation code is a service accessible to all current and future RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE users who use online banking for active transactions and have a valid mobile number with a Bulgarian mobile network operator.

    What is the price of the service?

    Signing up for the service and receiving text messages is completely free of charge. In addition to the payments’ guaranteed security, you save on the cost of bank transactions, because the fees for transfers made through RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE are substantially lower than payments made at a bank office.

    How can I sign up for the service?

    All Raiffeisenbank customers can sign up for this service by visiting any Raiffeisenbank office and asking to use active online banking using an SMS confirmation code.

    How are payments that use an SMS transfer confirmation code made?

    To confirm a payment on RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE, you’ll receive a text message to the mobile phone number you’ve indicated in the service registration form. The SMS will include a single-use code to confirm the transfer/group of transfers selected. The text message will also contain payment information: the amount being transferred and the last digits of the recipient’s account. You have to enter the transaction confirmation code in the system. For additional security, you are recommended to compare the transfer details in the text message with the transaction information entered in the computer. You can use one SMS code to confirm a group of payments.

    How can I confirm payment orders with an SMS code?

    To sign payment orders using an SMS code, you have to complete the following steps:

    1. When you select the Send button, a table containing basic information about the transfer and a box to enter the SMS code will appear on the screen.
    2. The system will send a message containing a confirmation code and transfer details to the mobile phone number you’ve provided.
    3. Compare the details with those displayed by the system and, if they match, enter the confirmation code in the relevant box on the screen. Then press the Confirm button.

    Do you offer other information protection methods?

    Raiffeisenbank continues to offer other modern services for additional protection of online banking, such as a software token.

    Software token confirmation

    What is software token?

    The software token is a specialized mobile application that enables easy and convenient authorization of bank transactions and requests on the Internet and mobile banking. The software token provides authorization for RaiMobile and Raiffeisen ONLINE operations in two modes:

    • by scanning a Cronto image and generating a one-time authorization code, even without an internet connection available;
    • via push notification (requires internet connection).

    What does the software token do?

    The software token provides:

    • Additional security in bank transfers or other transactions performed in an online environment.
    • Convenient and easy use.
    • Mobility – usable anywhere in the world at any time.

    How can I get a software token?

    The Raiffeisen Token software token can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

    What is the price of the token?

    The Raiffeisen Token mobile application is completely free of charge.

    How can I confirm a payment with a software token?

    The software token provides authorization for Raiffeisen ONLINE operations in two modes:

    • By scanning a Cronto image and generating a one-time confirmation code, even without an internet connection available;
    • via push notification (requires internet connection).

    The software token provides authorization for RaiMobile operations only via push notification (requires internet connection).

    What should I do if I enter wrong PIN?

    After entering five wrong PINs, the software token automatically deletes its activation. In order to be reactivated, it is necessary to go through the activation process in Raiffeisen ONLINE.

    Mobile application

    How can I sign up for the Raiffeisen ONLINE mobile app?

    You can check whether you have access to the mobile app from the Mobile banking menu in your Raiffeisen ONLINE account. If your access status is Enabled, all you have to do is install the app on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet). If the access status is Disabled, you’ll have to go to a bank office to submit a service activation application.

    Is it necessary to enter a username and password every time to log in to the mobile application?

    It is not necessary. You can enable quick access to the mobile application from the My Account menu - via PIN or Biometrics. The quick access to the application does not cancel or replace the username and password. Users can login with an username and password anytime they want. The quick access can be removed by reinstalling the app or clearing app data (for Android).

    What are the requirements for the PIN activation?

    The PIN code can contain 4 to 20 digits. The PIN code is created specifically for access the mobile application. It does not necessarily match the PIN of the device or SIM card. For security reasons, we recommend that it differs from the PINs you have already created.

    How can I activate biometrics login to my mobile app?

    You can login to your mobile app with a fingerprint (for fingerprint devices) or face recognition (for iPhone X). The biometric data has to be already activated for the device through device settings. Raiffeisenbank does not collect or process the biometric data of the device.

    How to activate notifications through my mobile app?

    You can login to your mobile app with a fingerprint (for fingerprint devices) or face recognition (for iPhone X). The biometric data has to be already activated for the device through device settings. Raiffeisenbank does not collect or process the biometric data of the device.

    What kind of notifications can I receive through my mobile app?

    You can subscribe to different types of notifications - reminder for loan due instalments, incoming transfers, currency exchange rates, pending bills, unsuccessfully or a successfully paid bills.

    Which device will receive the notifications?

    Notifications will be sent to the device from which the mobile application was last accessed. One device can receive notifications for only one user.

    What kind of information does the notification contain?

    Mobile app notifications only inform the user about an event occurring in their account. They do not contain specific amounts or account balance. Event information can only be received after login to the mobile app.

    How can I stop receiving notifications on my mobile app?

    You can delete or deactivate the notification subscriptions after login to mobile banking in the Notifications -> Subscriptions menu. Alternatively, you can disable app notifications from mobile phone settings.


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