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    Raiffeisen published the CEE Banking Sector Report 2019

    Raiffeisen analysts see CEE banking sector close to record profitability, double-digit return on equity in Central Europe (CE), Southeastern Europe (SEE) and Eastern Europe (EE)


    Euromoney: Raiffeisenbank is the best bank in Bulgaria

    Renowned financial magazine honored RBI for "unswerving commitment" to the CEE region

    Exchange rates

    15.09.2019 08:30

    Buy rates

    1  EUR =  1.949 BGN

    1  USD =  1.711 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.130 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.725 BGN

    15.09.2019 08:30

    Sell rates

    1  EUR =  1.960 BGN

    1  USD =  1.823 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.268 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.853 BGN



    Change in the way of execution of bill payments for A1 subscribers

    Herewith we would like to inform you that as of 04.11.2019 Raiffeisenbank introducing changes in the execution of bill payments to A1.


    Changes in general terms and conditions for payment accounts and services for Legal entities clients and Sole traders in force by 16.09.2019

    Raiffeisenbank informs you that with respect to changes in the European Union Payment Services Directive PSD 2 Directive (EU) 2015/2366 and the PSPSA the use of the current Hardware Tokens for active operations by Legal entities and Sole traders will be deactivated.


    Changes in the Tariff for fees and commissions for Legal Entities and Sole Traders, as of 16.09.2019

    We would like to inform you that as of 16.09.2019 the following change in the Tariff for fees and commissions of Raiffeisenbank for Legal Entities and Sole Traders.

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