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    The Banker named Raiffeisenbank Bank of the Year in Bulgaria in 2018

    Raiffeisenbank wins the award for third time in a row and for sixth time overall.


    RBI posts consolidated profit of € 1.173 million in the first three quarters of 2018

    Net interest income increases 4.6 per cent year-on-year to € 2,519 million (1-9/2017: € 2,407 million)

    Exchange rates

    23.05.2019 10:00

    Buy rates

    1  EUR =  1.949 BGN

    1  USD =  1.718 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.167 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.691 BGN

    23.05.2019 10:00

    Sell rates

    1  EUR =  1.960 BGN

    1  USD =  1.793 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.268 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.787 BGN



    Changes in Fees and commissions tariff for Individual clients

    Herewith we would like to inform you for upcoming changes in Fees and commissions tariff of Raiffeisenbank for Individual clients, which will be available at any branch of the bank.


    Raiffeisenbank launched an API gateway for developers - a step for open banking

    There all information and payment service providers, fintech companies and other interested users will find complete instructions for its provision and usage.


    Termination of the opening and offering Multicash (ELBA International) for individuals as of 15.03.2019

    As of 15.03.2019 Raiffeisenbank will cease to offer and maintain the Multicash service (ELBA International) for individuals for new and existing customers.

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