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    EIF and Raiffeisenbank to provide up to €150 million for SMEs in Bulgaria

    Guarantee agreement extended to support COVID-19 recovery of Bulgarian SMEs


    RBI's Digital Basket – simple loans for scale-ups for the first time

    Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) has launched one of the largest European financing programs for digital growth companies.

    Exchange rates

    26.01.2022 16:00

    Buy rates

    1  EUR =  1.949 BGN

    1  USD =  1.693 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.287 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.838 BGN

    26.01.2022 16:00

    Sell rates

    1  EUR =  1.960 BGN

    1  USD =  1.768 BGN

    1  GBP =  2.388 BGN

    1  CHF =  1.934 BGN



    Submitting and processing local currency payments on 28.01.2021

    Regarding the transition to work in the new infrastructure of BISERA6, maintained by BORICA, we would like to inform you about the method of receiving and processing of payments in BGN on Friday.


    Annual Closing 2021

    Regarding the upcoming holidays, we would like to inform you about changes in the cut-off times for submitting and processing local and foreign currency payments.


    Changes in Fees and commissions tariff for Individual clients - reminder

    From 07.11.2021 with a change in the Fees and Commissions tariff of Raiffeisenbank for Individual clients, came into force a change in Change in Chapter One.

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