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    New Premium Programmes

    We have developed our new Premium Programmes especially for you. They will fully meet all your personal preferences and needs. Ask your personal banker about the opportunity to use a 100% discount on the monthly fee for our new offers.

    Premium GOLD

    The Premium GOLD Programme offers you:

    • Access to a personal banker

    • Loans at preferential terms

    • Professional financial, investment and insurance advice

    • Alternative investments and savings

    • Free withdrawals from all ATMs in Bulgaria

    • Free BGN transfers via online banking service

    Premium PLATINUM

    In addition to everything offered in the Premium GOLD Programme, the Premium Platinum Programme features:

    • Convenience and privacy in your everyday banking

    • Preferential treatment in cashier transactions

    • Wide range of investment products

    Credit Products

    First-class Credit Cards

    Credit card Visa Platinum

    Visa Platinum

    The platinum credit card you should never forget to bring along when travelling. It guarantees excellent customer service and gives you access to special services and privileges.

    Best Terms for Credit Products

    Saving and Investment Products

    Suitable Investment Solutions

    Sustainable mutual funds

    We assure you that we invest in entrepreneur’s products and services that cause no harm, but the contrary – have sustainable added value.

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    International Health Insurances

    Available Packages: "Health and Value Select Plus" and "Health and Value Select"

    The international health insurance packages are UNIQA Life products offered exclusively to Raiffeisenbank clients:

    • Wide range of risks covered

    • Access to hospitals and medical establishments in Europe and worldwide (depending on your chosen plan)

    • Direct payments between UNIQA and the medical establishment

    • Simplified contract-signing procedure

    • Quick and easy procedure if you need treatment

    • SOS centre available 24/7

    Recommended Products

    Mobile Banking

    Take the bank with you wherever you go! Install our mobile app and use our banking services via your phone or tablet now!

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    Mortgage Loans

    Mortgage solutions for the perfect home. For your dream house, for your big bold plans, for your perfect home, for your new start.

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    Mutual Funds

    The mutual funds are just as suitable for individuals as they are for corporate and institutional clients.

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