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    • Capital Markets participation

      You can participate in the capital markets with a clear conscience, and at the same time invest in a worth-living future.

    • Investments with a sustainable added value

      You can be sure, that an entrepreneur’s products or services we invest in, do not have any negative effects, instead they create a sustainable added value.


    Raiffeisen Sustainable Mix

    Type of Investor
    Return-oriented investor
    Global mixed fund, strategic allocation / investment universe

    50%  Equities, 50 % Bonds

    ISIN, full-income retaining AT0000785381
    Currency EUR
    Minimum investment EUR 100
    Recommended holding period 8 years
    Entry fee * Up to 1.75% (depending on the amount)
    Exit fee * 0%
    Ongoing charge * 1,39%

    Why Should you invest

    The positive impact which investors can achieve with their investment:

    • 43% less CO2 emissions

    • 14% less work accidents

    • 91% less waste

    • 78% less water consumption

    Historical performance in EUR (%)

    The graph below represents the performance in EUR of Raiffeisen Sustainable Mix (ISIN AT0000859517). The depicted performance is representative also for the tranche, offered in Bulgaria.


    * Important information for the published data

    The presented information is a marketing material. All the data and the information are gathered and confirmed with the highest accuracy; the used sources can be verified as reliable. The presented information is applicable as at the moment of actualization. No responsibility is assumed, or guarantee is given regarding the accuracy or thoroughness of the information.

    The published prospectuses, information for investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG, and customer information documents (Key Investor Information Documents) for the investment funds of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. offered in Bulgaria are available in English or Bulgarian at as well as at bank office, Business Center EXPO 2000, Phase II, 55 N. Vaptsarov Blvd., 1407 Sofia.

    1. Valid for the following funds or fund segments: Raiffeisen-Sustainable-Equities, Raiffeisen-Sustainable-Mix Seg. Equities, Raiffeisen-Sustainable-Solid Seg. Equities; Source: Raiffeisen KAG, own calculations, data as of 30 June 2019; Calculation methodology: In order to calculate the effect of sustainable equity investments in the fund, we used the sustainability ratios of the companies found in their sustainability reporting. CO2 emissions are generally denoted in tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), work accidents in lost-time-injury-rate, waste in tons and water consumption in m3. The key ratios for the individual companies were multiplied by their weight in the fund or in the overall market, and the results of each key ratio were compared. Currently, we do not calculate such ratios for the bond segment of the funds, as we think that the "sustainable footprint" is attributable to the company owners, i.e. shareholders, not to the creditors, i.e. bond holders.

    2. Performance is calculated by Raiffeisen KAG by applying a method of the Austrian Control Bank (OeKB). Calculation of development of the fund value does not consider individual cost, such as the entry fee, exit fee, investors’ custody fees, or tax. If taken into account, these fees would be reflected in reduced fund values. Past development of the fund value cannot be used to make reliable assumptions concerning future development of the fund. Notice to investors with a local currency different from the fund currency: Please note that returns may rise or fall as a result of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

    3. The "ongoing charges" have been calculated on the basis of the figures as of 31.12.2020 including the previous 12-month period. The "ongoing charges" include the management fee and all fees charged in the past year. Third-party transaction costs and performance-related fees are not included in the "ongoing charges". The "ongoing charges" may differ from year to year. Please refer to the "Expenses" sub-item of the current annual fund report for precise details of the cost components included in the "ongoing charges".

    4. The investment focus can be changed at any time within the framework of the fund regulations.

    5. More information on Article 10 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (Disclosure Regulation) on transparency in the promotion of environmental or social characteristics and on the sustainable investments of the Raiffeisen Sustainable Mix Fund can be found in the file and in the fund’s prospectus.

    For more information for other sustainable funds, please visit the Raiffeisen Capital Management website.


    Contact your personal banker for more information.

    For more information for other sustainable funds, please visit the Raiffeisen Capital Management website.

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