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    Guarantee Agreement COSME

    The portfolio guarantee provided by the European Investment Fund is used to finance small and medium-sized enterprises under alleviated requirements for collateral and attractive price terms.


    • Attractive price terms

    • Extended terms for repayment of loans

    • Flexible conditions

    • Alleviated requirements to collateral

    • No additional costs for the guarantee

    • Better possibilities for financing


    This Guarantee is provided by COSME and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) set up under the Investment Plan for Europe. The aim of EFSI is to support the financing and implementation of productive investments in the European Union and to ensure increased access to finance.

    Credit parameters
    Type Investment loans, working capital loans - term loans, overdraft and revolving credits.
    Period Up to 117 months for investment credits
    Up to 60 months for term working capital loans and guarantees
    Up to 60 months for overdrafts and revolving credits
    Collateral Immovable property, tangible fixed assets and other eligible assets according to Raiffeisenbank’s policy for financing Microbusinesses and without securing with tangible assets (up to EUR 60,000.00).
    Fees According to the Bank’s Tariff of Fees and Commissions for Legal Entities.
    For secured loans, there are also incidental costs related to the collateral: for market valuation, mortgage, issuance of certificates, etc.


    Criteria for application

    The relaxed conditions can benefit enterprises that plan to expand their business through new investments or need increased working capital.

    Any local legal entity which is a small or medium-sized enterprise within the meaning of the SMEs Act, which is not an „undertaking in difficulty“ (within the meaning of Commission Regulation (EU) No C (2014) 651/2014 of 17 June 2014) and which does not conduct activities related to one or more banned sectors under COSME* may apply.

    Frequently asked questions

    Which are the industries banned under COSME?

    Illegal activities - any production, trade or other activity that is illegal under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, production and trade of alcohol and tobacco products and related products, production and trade in arms and ammunition of all kinds.

    This limitation does not apply to activities that are part of or complementary to European Union policy; Casinos and equivalent businesses; Prohibited IT Activities: research, development or technical applications related to electronic programmes or solutions for online casinos, gambling, pornography, or designed to enable unauthorized access to and retrieval of electronic data.

    Other activities - research, development or technical applications related to the cloning of people for scientific or curative purposes; GMO.

    Is it suitable for persons practising liberal professions?

    This program is aimed only at legal entities (with a BULSTAT registration).

    Is it suitable for farmers?

    Yes. The guarantee can also be used by farmers. There is a condition to have a BULSTAT registration.

    Do I have to have a business plan?

    No business plan is required in order to obtain a credit. Our specialists will discuss your development and innovation plans with you.

    How much does the guarantee cost?

    The guarantee is free of charge for the client.

    How much will a consultation cost?

    The consultation with our specialists on the use of a credit is absolutely free of charge. You are welcome to our offices!

    What is EURIBOR?

    Market indexe.

    How is the interest rate on a loan formed?

    Depending on the currency, the interest on the loan is:

    • For loans in EUR: 1 month EURIBOR + margin
    • For loans in BGN: Short-term Interest Rate according to the BNB statistics + margin


    Call Center

    0700 10 000 (Vivacom)
    17 21 (A1 and Yettel)


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