Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000



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Call Center


0700 10 000 (Vivacom)

17 21 (A1 and Telenor)


Working hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Card and POS terminals assistance

24 hours bank cards and POS terminals assistance center


0700 10 000 (Vivacom)

17 21 (A1 and Telenor)

(+359 2) 962 41 02


(+359 2) 962 78 59

0700 10 000 calls for Vivacom subscribers are at the price of local call for people calling from all around the country - the difference between long-distance and local call is covered by Raiffesienbank. 17 21 calls for subscribers of mobile operators A1l and Telenor are at the price of internal call/within the same network – A1-A1 or Telenor-Telenor depending on customer individual plan.

Business centers for small enterprises

We set up 23 specialized Business Centers in order to be closer to you at any time and to support the successful implementation of your projects.

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Micro Business Department


Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd, EXPO 2000


+359 882 894523



Tariff for Legal entities and Sole traders

General Conditions and Forms

General Conditions and Forms for Legal entities and Sole traders.

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Notifications from the bank about changes in products and services - interest, fees and commissions, loans, deposits.

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    Together we discover prospects for the Small Business

    We set up 24 specialized Business Centers in order to be closer to you at any time and to support the successful implementation of your projects.


    If you own a small business with an annual turnover of up to BGN 2 million or you are a freelancer, at our Business Centers you will receive:

    • Information from highly qualified specialists about the opportunities that are open to you

    • Recommendations for the best solutions based on your needs and goals

    • Full support for preparation of the documentation

    • Personal approach, speed and expertise

    Business centers

    You are welcome to our Business Centers in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Haskovo, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik, Veliko Tarnovo, Sliven, Blagoevgrad and Vratsa

    Business centersAddressManagerPhoneE-mail


    18-20 Gogol Str. Ivan Ivanov 0882/368907
    Sofia 3 54 B Tsarigradsko shose Blvd., Grafix Business Center Nina Tzekova 0889/261693
    Sofia 4 132 Todor Aleksandrov Blvd. Ivaylo Mladenov 0884/765035
    Sofia 6 49 Bulgaria Blvd., Business Center Vitosha Borislava Stankova 0889/766344
    Sofia 9 bl. 31, Nikola Mushanov Blvd. Borislav Georgiev 0884/643053
    Sofia 11 NDK 3 Hristo Stambolski Str. Kostadin Mavrodiev 0889/261471
    Sofia 12 65 Mariya Luiza Blvd. Ivaylo Mladenov 0884/765035
    Sofia 14 43 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd. Eleonora Gospodinova 0884/389295
    Sofia 33 5 St. Nedelya Square Tsvetelina Encheva 0882/035042
    Plovdiv 1 20 Vasil Aprilov Blvd. Galina Borisova 0885/240458
    Plovdiv 3 1 Knyaginya Mariya Luiza Str. Stela Breskovska 0884/363017
    Varna 1 32 Tsar Simeon I Str. Simeon Kostadinov 0886/393964
    Varna 5 68 Vladislav Vranenchik Blvd. Georgi Minchev 0889/261160
    Burgas 2 115 Aleksandrovska Str. Rusin Rusev 0884/301512
    Burgas 1 1 Adam Mitskevich Str. Tatyana Stankova 0885/887100
    Ruse 4 6 Voden Str. Milen Dimitrov 0889/261232
    Pleven 1 1 Vardar Str. (Vazrazhdane sq.) Rositsa Angelova 0885/839302
    Stara Zagora 3 2 Mitr. Metodiy Kusev Blvd. Krasimir Atanasov 0889/261822
    Haskovo 1-3 Pirin Str. Liliya Angelova 0889/262434
    Pazardzhik 1 7 Tsar Shishman Str. Ivanka Misheva 0889/446351
    Veliko Tarnovo 1 23 Vasil Levski Blvd. Svetoslav Chonov 0889/671702
    Vratsa Hristo Botev Square Gratsiela Borisova 0884/301506
    Sliven 1 11 Tsar Simeon Str. Froni Stoyanova 0884/363019
    Blagoevgrad 1 47 Todor Aleksandrov Str. Maria Zaharieva 0882/219404

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